We avoid the roads

Trudging through fresh fallen snow

Our paths are our own

Mitch Cuming

Music: An Interview with Rebel Few

If music personified could show up to your house on the back of a motorcycle, kick down your door, burn your TOP-40 radio collection on your front lawn, and then flip you the bird as it left you jaw-dropped in the wake of its sonic existence… that music would be the music of Rebel Few.… Continue reading →

Hot Lips - band photo

Music: An Interview With Hot Lips’ Keith Heppler

Whoever said you absolutely need guitars to make some noise in the rock n’ roll scene obviously hasn’t listened to Hot Lips before. A power trio hailing from Toronto, Canada, the band brings a unique brand of electro-grunge rock that drips of a dark, mysterious sexiness with every brooding note. Likening them to the type… Continue reading →

Fans vs. Customers: 3 Common Misconceptions

In the entertainment and creative industries, the words fan and customer are often used interchangeably, but the two are actually quite different sets of people. While both are particularly important to building a successful career as an artist, it is easy to see just how distinctively different the behaviors of each group are. For example:… Continue reading →

Music: An Interview With Kyler Tapscott

For those of you who don’t know him, Kyler Tapscott is a singer/songwriter with some series skills on the fretboard. A phenomenal guitar player, he’s often played the role of mercenary using his tremendous talents to back up other performing artists in the studio and on the stage both nationally and internationally. But now, that’s… Continue reading →

Evergreen Content Explained: Why You Need It

In this second part of an Evergreen Content Series, I’m going to discuss why you need evergreen content and why it’s essential to growing your audience (and, therefore, income). As stated in the first post of the series, the Creative Wealth Project was designed specifically for creative types, and so, the examples I use for… Continue reading →


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